Significado de fan

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Entusiasta, abanar, fanático, bafejar, cauda, leque, tiete, aficionado, abano, ventilador, abalar, ventoinha.


To move as with a fan.
To cool and refresh, by moving the air with a fan; to blow the air on the face of with a fan.
To ventilate; to blow on; to affect by air put in motion.
To winnow; to separate chaff from, and drive it away by a current of air; as, to fan wheat.
To excite or stir up to activity, as a fan axcites a flame; to stimulate; as, this conduct fanned the excitement of the populace


device generic term noun, sports fan, rooter, enthusiast generic term, partisan generic term, partizan generic term noun, buff, devotee, lover, follower generic term verb, strike out generic term verb, intensify generic term, compound generic term, heighten generic term, deepen generic term verb, shake generic term, agitate generic term verb, winnow, sift generic term, sieve generic term, strain generic term

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Palavras Parecidas

fain, fane, faun, fawn, fanny, fanon, fauna, fauni, famine, fanion.