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Significado de beast


Covil, carga, brutamontes, fera.


Any living creature; an animal; -- including man, insects, etc.
Any four-footed animal, that may be used for labor, food, or sport; as, a beast of burden.
As opposed to man: Any irrational animal.
Fig.: A coarse, brutal, filthy, or degraded fellow.
A game at cards similar to loo.
A penalty at beast, omber, etc. Hence: To be beasted, to be beaten at beast, omber, etc


animal, animate being, brute, creature, fauna, organism generic term, being generic term noun, wolf, savage, brute, wildcat, attacker generic term, aggressor generic term, assailant generic term, assaulter generic term

Vogais: ea

Consoantes: bst

Palavras vizinhas de beast

bearward, bearwood, beast, beast of burden, beasthood.

Palavras parecidas com beast

bast, best, basta, baste, basto, begat, beset, besit, besot, boast.

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