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Significado de belong em Inglês


(em Português: ver)

Pertencer, ser.

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Significado de belong em Inglês

1. v. i. To be the property of; as, Jamaica belongs to Great Britain.
2. v. i. To be a part of, or connected with; to be appendant or related; to owe allegiance or service.
3. v. i. To be the concern or proper business or function of; to appertain to.
4. v. i. To be suitable for; to be due to.
5. v. i. To be native to, or an inhabitant of; esp. to have a legal residence, settlement, or inhabitancy, whether by birth or operation of law, so as to be entitled to maintenance by the parish or town.
6. v. t. To be deserved by

Outros Significados de Belong em Inglês

be generic term verb, dwell, consist, lie, lie in, exist generic term, be generic term verb, be generic term verb, go, be generic term verb, be generic term

A palavra belong na Bíblia Sagrada em Inglês

And they said unto him, We have dreamed a dream, and there is no interpreter of it. And Joseph said unto them, Do not interpretations belong to God? tell me them, I pray you.
Gênesis 40:8

In the year of the jubile the field shall return unto him of whom it was bought, even to him to whom the possession of the land did belong.
Levítico 27:24

But thou shalt appoint the Levites over the tabernacle of testimony, and over all the vessels thereof, and over all things that belong to it: they shall bear the tabernacle, and all the vessels thereof; and they shall minister unto it, and shall encamp round about the tabernacle.
Números 1:50

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