Significado de coupling

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Acoplamento, emparelhar, união, juntar, encaixar, casar, coupling.


The act of bringing or coming together; connection; sexual union. A device or contrivance which serves to couple or connect adjacent parts or objects; as, a belt coupling, which connects the ends of a belt; a car coupling, which connects the cars in a train; a shaft coupling, which connects the ends of shafts


yoke, connection generic term, connexion generic term, connector generic term, connecter generic term, connective generic term noun, coupler, mechanical device generic term noun, mating, pairing, conjugation, union, sexual union, sexual activity generic term, sexual practice generic term, sex generic term, sex activity generic term

Vogais: oui

Consoantes: cplng

Palavras Parecidas

cupelling, capling, cobbling, cabling, cabbling, caviling, cufflink, caballing, cavilling, chaplaincy.