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Significado de express em Inglês


Lamentar, expedir, opinar, extravasar, explicar, carta, liberdade, expressar, exteriorizar, expresso, manifestar, expressão, expandir, exprimir.

Classe Gramatical de Express

Adjective ou Adjetivo

Vogais Presentes em Express


Consoantes Presentes em Express


Significado de express em Inglês

1. a. To press or squeeze out; as, to express the juice of grapes, or of apples; hence, to extort; to elicit.
2. a. To make or offer a representation of; to show by a copy or likeness; to represent; to resemble.
3. a. To give a true impression of; to represent and make known; to manifest plainly; to show in general; to exhibit, as an opinion or feeling, by a look, gesture, and esp. by language; to declare; to utter; to tell.
4. a. To make known the opinions or feelings of; to declare what is in the mind of; to show (one's self); to cause to appear; -- used reflexively.
5. a. To denote; to designate.
6. a. To send by express messenger; to forward by special opportunity, or through the medium of an express; as, to express a package

Outros Significados de Express em Inglês

explicit similar term, expressed similar term adj, fast similar term noun, expressage, transportation generic term, shipping generic term, transport generic term noun, express mail, mail generic term noun, limited, public transport generic term, local antonym verb, show, evince, convey generic term, impart generic term verb, verbalize, verbalise, utter, give tongue to verb, state, denote generic term, refer generic term verb, carry, convey, communicate generic term, intercommunicate generic term verb, reveal generic term, display generic term, show generic term verb, press out, extract, get generic term, acquire generic term verb, mail generic term, post generic term, send generic term

A palavra express na Bíblia Sagrada em Inglês

Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high;
Hebreus 1:3

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