Significado de lounge

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Sala de estar
Vadiar, espreguiçar-se, vadiagem, sofá, salão.


To spend time lazily, whether lolling or idly sauntering; to pass time indolently; to stand, sit, or recline, in an indolent manner.
An idle gait or stroll; the state of reclining indolently; a place of lounging.
A piece of furniture resembling a sofa, upon which one may lie or recline


sofa, couch, seat generic term noun, waiting room, waiting area, room generic term verb, sit generic term, sit down generic term verb, loiter, footle, lollygag, loaf, lallygag, hang around, mess about, tarry, linger, lurk, mill about, mill around, be generic term

Vogais: oue

Consoantes: lng

Palavras Parecidas

longe, lunge, lungie, long, lung, lange, lungi, lilongwe, longwise, launce.