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Significado de need em Inglês


Necessidade, carência, necessitar, pobreza, precisão, precisar.

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Significado de need em Inglês

1. n. To be in want of; to have cause or occasion for; to lack; to require, as supply or relief.
2. v. i. To be wanted; to be necessary.
3. adv. Of necessity. See Needs

Outros Significados de Need em Inglês

demand, condition generic term, status generic term noun, want, necessity generic term, essential generic term, requirement generic term, requisite generic term, necessary generic term noun, motivation, motive, psychological feature generic term noun, indigence, penury, pauperism, pauperization, poverty generic term, poorness generic term, impoverishment generic term verb, necessitate, ask, postulate, require, take, involve, call for, demand, obviate antonym verb, want, require, be generic term

A palavra need na Bíblia Sagrada em Inglês

But thou shalt open thine hand wide unto him, and shalt surely lend him sufficient for his need, in that which he wanteth.
Deuteronômio 15:8

Have I need of mad men, that ye have brought this fellow to play the mad man in my presence? shall this fellow come into my house?
I Samuel 21:15

And we will cut wood out of Lebanon, as much as thou shalt need: and we will bring it to thee in floats by sea to Joppa; and thou shalt carry it up to Jerusalem.
II Crônicas 2:16

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