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Chacoalhar, rocha, solidez, proteção, rock, defesa, pedra, balançar.

v. t.

To cause to sway backward and forward, as a body resting on a support beneath; as, to rock a cradle or chair; to cause to vibrate; to cause to reel or totter.
To move as in a cradle; hence, to put to sleep by rocking; to still; to quiet.
To move or be moved backward and forward; to be violently agitated; to reel; to totter.
To roll or saway backward and forward upon a support; as, to rock in a rocking-chair


stone, natural object generic term noun, stone, material generic term, stuff generic term noun, Rock, John Rock, gynecologist generic term, gynaecologist generic term, woman's doctor generic term noun, good person generic term noun, rock candy, candy generic term, confect generic term noun, rock 'n' roll, rock'n'roll, rock-and-roll, rock and roll, rock music, popular music generic term, popular music genre generic term noun, careen, sway, tilt, lurch generic term, pitch generic term, pitching generic term verb, sway, shake, move back and forth generic term verb, sway, move generic term, displace generic term

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Palavras Parecidas

rocky, roc, rack, reck, rick, roke, roky, rook, rouk, ruck.