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Significado de sex em Inglês

1. n. The distinguishing peculiarity of male or female in both animals and plants; the physical difference between male and female; the assemblage of properties or qualities by which male is distinguished from female.
2. n. One of the two divisions of organic beings formed on the distinction of male and female.
3. n. The capability in plants of fertilizing or of being fertilized; as, staminate and pistillate flowers are of opposite sexes.
4. n. One of the groups founded on this distinction

Outros Significados de Sex em Inglês

sexual activity, sexual practice, sex activity, bodily process generic term, body process generic term, bodily function generic term, activity generic term noun, class generic term, category generic term, family generic term noun, sexual urge, feeling generic term noun, gender, sexuality, physiological property generic term verb, arouse, excite, turn on, wind up, stimulate generic term, shake generic term, shake up generic term, excite generic term, stir generic term verb, distinguish generic term, separate generic term, differentiate generic term, secern generic term, secernate generic term, severalize generic term, severalise generic term, tell generic term, tell apart generic term

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