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Significado de short


Pequeno, limitado, quebrado, insuficiente, repentinamente, brevemente, abrupto, breve, curto, reduzido, baixo.


Not long; having brief length or linear extension; as, a short distance; a short piece of timber; a short flight.
Not extended in time; having very limited duration; not protracted; as, short breath.
Limited in quantity; inadequate; insufficient; scanty; as, a short supply of provisions, or of water.
Insufficiently provided; inadequately supplied; scantily furnished; lacking; not coming up to a resonable, or the ordinary, standard; -- usually with of; as, to be short of money.
Deficient; defective; imperfect; not coming up, as to a measure or standard; as, an account which is short of the trith.
Not distant in time; near at hand.
Limited in intellectual power or grasp; not comprehensive; narrow; not tenacious, as memory.
Less important, efficaceous, or powerful; not equal or equivalent; less (than); -- with of.
Abrupt; brief; pointed; petulant; as, he gave a short answer to the question.1
Breaking or crumbling readily in the mouth; crisp; as, short pastry.1
Engaging or engaged to deliver what is not possessed; as, short contracts; to be short of stock. See The shorts, under Short, n., and To sell short, under Short, adv.1
Not prolonged, or relatively less prolonged, in utterance; -- opposed to long, and applied to vowels or to syllables. In English, the long and short of the same letter are not, in most cases, the long and short of the same sound; thus, the i in ill is the short sound, not of i in isle, but of ee in eel, and the e in pet is the short sound of a in pate, etc. See Quantity, and Guide to Pronunciation, //22, 3
A summary account.1
The part of milled grain sifted out which is next finer than the bran.1
Short, inferior hemp.1
Breeches; shortclothes.1
A short sound, syllable, or vowel.1
In a short manner; briefly; limitedly; abruptly; quickly; as, to stop short in one's course; to turn short.2
To shorten.2
To fail; to decrease


abbreviated similar term, shortened similar term, truncated similar term, brief similar term, little similar term, clipped similar term, fleeting similar term, fugitive similar term, momentaneous similar term, momentary similar term, short and sweet similar term, short-dated similar term, short-range similar term, short-run similar term, short-term similar term, long antonym adj, abbreviated similar term, brief similar term, close similar term, curtal similar term, sawed-off similar term, sawn-off similar term, shortened similar term, shortish similar term, short-range similar term, short-snouted similar term, snub similar term, stubby similar term, telescoped similar term, shortened similar term, truncate similar term, truncated similar term, long antonym adj, chunky similar term, dumpy similar term, low-set similar term, squat similar term, squatty similar term, stumpy similar term, half-length similar term, pint-size similar term, pint-sized similar term, runty similar term, sawed-off similar term, sawn-off similar term, short-stalked similar term, squab similar term, squabby similar term, small related term, little related term, low related term, tall antonym adj, inadequate, poor, insufficient similar term, deficient similar term adj, unretentive, forgetful, unmindful related term, forgetful related term, mindless related term, retentive antonym adj, long antonym adj, long antonym adj, light, scant, insufficient similar term, deficient similar term adj, shortsighted, unforesightful, myopic, improvident similar term adj, breakable similar term adj, brusque, brusk, curt, discourteous similar term noun, tract generic term, piece of land generic term, piece of ground generic term, parcel of land generic term, parcel generic term noun, short circuit, contact generic term, tangency generic term noun, shortstop, position generic term verb, short-change, victimize generic term, swindle generic term, rook generic term, goldbrick generic term, nobble generic term, diddle generic term, bunco generic term, defraud generic term, scam generic term, mulct generic term, gyp generic term, gip generic term, hornswoggle generic term, short-change generic term, con generic term verb, short-circuit, make generic term, create generic term adv, abruptly, suddenly, dead adv, unawares adv, curtly, shortly

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Consoantes: shrt

Palavras vizinhas de short

shorling, shorn, short, short account, short and sweet.

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sort, shortia, shirt, sourt, shirty, shored, sordet, sorted, sortie, sharewort.

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