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De volta
Deter, endossar, afastar, atrás, devolver, detrás, encostar, costa, espaldar, camisa, calote, atrasar, demorar, cama.

v. i.

To get upon the back of; to mount.
To place or seat upon the back.
To drive or force backward; to cause to retreat or recede; as, to back oxen.
To make a back for; to furnish with a back; as, to back books.
To adjoin behind; to be at the back of.
To write upon the back of; as, to back a letter; to indorse; as, to back a note or legal document.
To support; to maintain; to second or strengthen by aid or influence; as, to back a friend.
To bet on the success of; -- as, to back a race horse.
To move or go backward; as, the horse refuses to back.1
To change from one quarter to another by a course opposite to that of the sun; -- used of the wind.1
To stand still behind another dog which has pointed; -- said of a dog.1
In, to, or toward, the rear; as, to stand back; to step back.1
To the place from which one came; to the place or person from which something is taken or derived; as, to go back for something left behind; to go back to one's native place; to put a book back after reading it.1
To a former state, condition, or station; as, to go back to private life; to go back to barbarism.1
(Of time) In times past; ago.1
Away from contact; by reverse movement.1
In concealment or reserve; in one's own possession; as, to keep back the truth; to keep back part of the money due to another.1
In a state of restraint or hindrance.1
In return, repayment, or requital.2
In withdrawal from a statement, promise, or undertaking; as, he took back0 the offensive words.2
In arrear; as, to be back in one's rent


backmost similar term, hindermost similar term, hindmost similar term, rearmost similar term, rear similar term, rearward similar term, aft related term, posterior related term, front antonym adj, hind, hinder, posterior similar term adj, noncurrent similar term noun, dorsum, body part generic term noun, rear, side generic term, front antonym noun, rear, position generic term, place generic term, front antonym noun, football player generic term, footballer generic term noun, spinal column, vertebral column, spine, backbone, rachis, skeletal structure generic term noun, binding, book binding, cover, protective covering generic term, protective cover generic term, protection generic term noun, cloth covering generic term noun, backrest, support generic term noun, position generic term verb, endorse, indorse, plump for, plunk for, support, approve generic term, O.K. generic term, okay generic term, sanction generic term verb, travel generic term, go generic term, move generic term, locomote generic term, back up related term, back off related term, back down related term, back out related term verb, second, endorse, indorse, support generic term, back up generic term verb, advance antonym verb, finance generic term verb, lie generic term, front antonym verb, bet on, gage, stake, game, punt, bet generic term, wager generic term, play generic term verb, switch generic term, change over generic term, shift generic term, veer antonym verb, back up, confirm generic term, corroborate generic term, sustain generic term, substantiate generic term, support generic term, affirm generic term verb, strengthen generic term adv, backward, backwards, rearward, rearwards, forward antonym adv, backward, forward antonym, ahead antonym adv, in reply

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