Significado de bone


Trapeiro, enxerto, zigoma, ajustar, vidro, osso, ortopedista, pomo, partir, desossar, medula.

v. t.

To withdraw bones from the flesh of, as in cookery.
To put whalebone into; as, to bone stays.
To fertilize with bone.
To steal; to take possession of.
To sight along an object or set of objects, to see if it or they be level or in line, as in carpentry, masonry, and surveying


bony similar term, boney similar term noun, os, connective tissue generic term noun, osseous tissue, animal material generic term noun, ivory, pearl, off-white, white generic term, whiteness generic term verb, cram, grind away, drum, bone up, swot, get up, mug up, swot up, study generic term, hit the books generic term verb, debone, remove generic term, take generic term, take away generic term, withdraw generic term

Vogais: oe

Consoantes: bn

Palavras Parecidas

boney, bonne, boone, bowne, boyne, bon, bonney, bonnie, bovine, bane.