Significado de bounty

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Generosidade, prêmio.


Goodness, kindness; virtue; worth.
Liberality in bestowing gifts or favors; gracious or liberal giving; generosity; munificence.
That which is given generously or liberally.
A premium offered or given to induce men to enlist into the public service; or to encourage any branch of industry, as husbandry or manufactures


premium, reward generic term noun, amplitude, bountifulness, abundance generic term, copiousness generic term, teemingness generic term noun, bounteousness, generosity generic term, generousness generic term noun, Bounty, H.M.S. Bounty, ship generic term

Vogais: ouy

Consoantes: bnt

Palavras Parecidas

bunt, bountyhood, benty, biont, bound, bouffant, bountied, bipont, bonete, bonito.