Significado de cavalier

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Egoísta, cavaleiro, arrogante, desdenhoso, paladino.


A military man serving on horseback; a knight.
A gay, sprightly, military man; hence, a gallant.
One of the court party in the time of king Charles I. as contrasted with a Roundhead or an adherent of Parliament.
A work of more than ordinary height, rising from the level ground of a bastion, etc., and overlooking surrounding parts.
Gay; easy; offhand; frank.
Supercilious; haughty; disdainful; curt; brusque.
Of or pertaining to the party of King Charles I


high-handed, domineering similar term noun, chevalier, male aristocrat generic term noun, Cavalier, Royalist, monarchist generic term, royalist generic term

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Palavras Parecidas

cavaliero, cavalero, chevalier, cavalry, caviler, caballer, caviller, cabbler, chivalry, capillaire.