Significado de chivalry

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Cavalheirismo, delicadeza, gentileza.


A body or order of cavaliers or knights serving on horseback; illustrious warriors, collectively; cavalry.
The dignity or system of knighthood; the spirit, usages, or manners of knighthood; the practice of knight-errantry.
The qualifications or character of knights, as valor, dexterity in arms, courtesy, etc.
A tenure of lands by knight's service; that is, by the condition of a knight's performing service on horseback, or of performing some noble or military service to his lord.


gallantry, politesse, courtesy generic term, good manners generic term noun, knightliness, principle generic term

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Consoantes: chvlr

Palavras Parecidas

cavalry, chapelry, chevalier, cavalero, cavalier, capillary, cavaliero, chevelure, civil war, civil year.