Significado de flavor

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Paladar, aromatizar, condimentar, flavor.

v. t.

To give flavor to; to add something (as salt or a spice) to, to give character or zest.


spirit, tone, feel, feeling, flavour, look, smell, atmosphere generic term, ambiance generic term, ambience generic term noun, relish, flavour, sapidity, savor, savour, smack, nip, tang, taste generic term, taste sensation generic term, gustatory sensation generic term, taste perception generic term, gustatory perception generic term noun, flavour, kind generic term, sort generic term, form generic term, variety generic term verb, season, flavour

Vogais: ao

Consoantes: flvr

Palavras Parecidas

flavour, flavorer, flavourer, flapper, flyover, fall for, feel for, flypaper, fall over, flip over.