Significado de man

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Guarnecer, pessoa, tripular, homem, apoiar, marido, equipar, peão.

v. t.

To supply with men; to furnish with a sufficient force or complement of men, as for management, service, defense, or the like; to guard; as, to man a ship, boat, or fort.
To furnish with strength for action; to prepare for efficiency; to fortify.
To tame, as a hawk.
To furnish with a servants.
To wait on as a manservant


adult male, male generic term, male person generic term, woman antonym noun, serviceman, military man, military personnel, skilled worker generic term, trained worker generic term, skilled workman generic term, civilian antonym noun, person generic term, individual generic term, someone generic term, somebody generic term, mortal generic term, soul generic term noun, homo, human being, human, hominid generic term noun, subordinate generic term, subsidiary generic term, underling generic term, foot soldier generic term noun, male generic term, male person generic term noun, male generic term, male person generic term, lover generic term, woman antonym noun, valet, valet de chambre, gentleman, gentleman's gentleman, manservant generic term, body servant generic term noun, Man, Isle of Man, island generic term noun, piece, game equipment generic term noun, world, human race, humanity, humankind, human beings, humans, mankind, homo generic term, man generic term, human being generic term, human generic term, group generic term, grouping generic term verb, work generic term, do work generic term verb, staff generic term

Vogais: a

Consoantes: mn

Palavras Parecidas

main, mane, mann, manu, many, mean, moan, ma, mn, mahan.