Significado de naiad


Náiada, náiade.


A water nymph; one of the lower female divinities, fabled to preside over some body of fresh water, as a lake, river, brook, or fountain.
Any species of a tribe (Naiades) of freshwater bivalves, including Unio, Anodonta, and numerous allied genera; a river mussel.
One of a group of butterflies. See Nymph.
Any plant of the order Naiadaceae, such as eelgrass, pondweed, etc


water nymph, aquatic plant generic term, water plant generic term, hydrophyte generic term, hydrophytic plant generic term noun, water nymph generic term

Vogais: aia

Consoantes: nd

Palavras Parecidas

naid, nad, naiant, nammad, nada, nide, nidi, nematoid, nadde, named.