Significado de near

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Intimo, canhoto, quase, perto.


To approach; to come nearer; as, the ship neared the land. To draw near; to approach


close, nigh, adjacent similar term, nearby similar term, neighboring similar term, neighbouring similar term, warm similar term, hot similar term, far antonym adj, nigh, left similar term adj, artificial similar term, unreal similar term adj, cheeseparing, close, penny-pinching, skinny, stingy similar term, ungenerous similar term adj, dear, good, close similar term adj, approximate, close similar term verb, approach, come on, go up, draw near, draw close, come near, come generic term, come up generic term adv, nigh, close adv, about, just about, almost, most, all but, nearly, nigh, virtually, well-nigh

Vogais: ea

Consoantes: nr

Palavras Parecidas

ner, nearer, newari, nara, nare, nary, neer, nere, nero, naira.