Significado de shack


Habitar, cabana, barracão, choça.

v. t.

To shed or fall, as corn or grain at harvest.
To feed in stubble, or upon waste corn.
To wander as a vagabond or a tramp.
The grain left after harvest or gleaning; also, nuts which have fallen to the ground.
Liberty of winter pasturage.
A shiftless fellow; a low, itinerant beggar; a vagabond; a tramp


hovel, hut, hutch, shanty, shelter generic term verb, reside, domicile, domiciliate, dwell generic term, live generic term, inhabit generic term verb, trail, travel generic term, go generic term, move generic term, locomote generic term

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Consoantes: shck

Palavras Parecidas

sack, shaik, shake, shako, shaky, shock, shuck, sac, shucks, sackage.