Significado de true

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Fiel, exato, verdade, verdadeiro, certo.


Conformable to fact; in accordance with the actual state of things; correct; not false, erroneous, inaccurate, or the like; as, a true relation or narration; a true history; a declaration is true when it states the facts.
Right to precision; conformable to a rule or pattern; exact; accurate; as, a true copy; a true likeness of the original.
Steady in adhering to friends, to promises, to a prince, or the like; unwavering; faithful; loyal; not false, fickle, or perfidious; as, a true friend; a wife true to her husband; an officer true to his charge.
Actual; not counterfeit, adulterated, or pretended; genuine; pure; real; as, true balsam; true love of country; a true Christian.
In accordance with truth; truly


actual similar term, genuine similar term, literal similar term, real similar term, apodictic similar term, apodeictic similar term, truthful similar term, sure similar term, correct related term, right related term, faithful related term, genuine related term, echt related term, honest related term, honorable related term, sincere related term, false antonym adj, typical similar term adj, dead on target, accurate similar term adj, faithful similar term adj, truthful, honest similar term, veracious similar term, honest similar term, untruthful antonym adj, dependable, honest, reliable, trustworthy similar term, trusty similar term adj, genuine, unfeigned, sincere similar term adj, real similar term adj, geographic similar term, geographical similar term adj, lawful, rightful, legitimate similar term adj, on-key, harmonious similar term adj, straight, even similar term noun, alignment generic term verb, true up, align generic term, aline generic term, line up generic term, adjust generic term adv, admittedly, avowedly, confessedly

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-tre, tare, thru, tire, tore, tree, trew, trey, tyre, tarre.