Significado de wear

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Esgotar, cansar, experimentar, mostrar, exibir, vestir, durar, gastar, colocar, trancar.


A dam in a river to stop and raise the water, for the purpose of conducting it to a mill, forming a fish pond, or the like.
A fence of stakes, brushwood, or the like, set in a stream, tideway, or inlet of the sea, for taking fish.
A long notch with a horizontal edge, as in the top of a vertical plate or plank, through which water flows, -- used in measuring the quantity of flowing water


deterioration generic term, impairment generic term noun, clothing, article of clothing, vesture, wearable, habiliment, covering generic term, consumer goods generic term noun, wearing, act generic term, human action generic term, human activity generic term verb, have on verb, bear, have generic term, feature generic term verb, have generic term, feature generic term verb, wear off, wear out, wear down, wear thin, deteriorate generic term verb, have generic term, feature generic term verb, hold out, endure, last generic term, endure generic term verb, break, wear out, bust, fall apart, decay generic term, crumble generic term, delapidate generic term, wear away related term, wear off related term, wear away related term, break away related term, break off related term, break up related term, break apart related term verb, tire, wear upon, tire out, weary, jade, wear out, outwear, wear down, fag out, fag, fatigue, indispose generic term, refresh antonym verb, put on, get into, don, assume, dress generic term, get dressed generic term

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Palavras Parecidas

weary, war, wearer, wair, ware, wary, waur, weir, were, wier.