Significado de wither

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Prejudicar, encolher-se, encolher, degenerar-se, debilitar, murchar, enfraquecer, fenecer, secar.


To fade; to lose freshness; to become sapless; to become sapless; to dry or shrivel up.
To lose or want animal moisture; to waste; to pin/ away, as animal bodies.
To lose vigor or power; to languish; to pass away.
To cause to fade, and become dry.
To cause to shrink, wrinkle, or decay, for want of animal moisture.
To cause to languish, perish, or pass away; to blight; as, a reputation withered by calumny


shrivel, shrivel up, shrink, decrease generic term, diminish generic term, lessen generic term, fall generic term verb, fade, disappear generic term, vanish generic term, go away generic term

Vogais: ie

Consoantes: wthr

Palavras Parecidas

whither, waiter, wether, weather, whether, withdrawer, water, whittier, withdraw, withdrew.