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Segurar, aprisionar, pegar, empregar, entender, aceitar, adotar, tirar, capturar, tomar, agarrar, receber, fotografar.

v. t.

In an active sense; To lay hold of; to seize with the hands, or otherwise; to grasp; to get into one's hold or possession; to procure; to seize and carry away; to convey.
To obtain possession of by force or artifice; to get the custody or control of; to reduce into subjection to one's power or will; to capture; to seize; to make prisoner; as, to take am army, a city, or a ship; also, to come upon or befall; to fasten on; to attack; to seize; -- said of a disease, misfortune, or the like.
To gain or secure the interest or affection of; to captivate; to engage; to interest; to charm.
To make selection of; to choose; also, to turn to; to have recourse to; as, to take the road to the right.
To employ; to use; to occupy; hence, to demand; to require; as, it takes so much cloth to make a coat.
To form a likeness of; to copy; to delineate; to picture; as, to take picture of a person.
To draw; to deduce; to derive.
To assume; to adopt; to acquire, as shape; to permit to one's self; to indulge or engage in; to yield to; to have or feel; to enjoy or experience, as rest, revenge, delight, shame; to form and adopt, as a resolution; -- used in general senses, limited by a following complement, in many idiomatic phrases; as, to take a resolution; I take the liberty to say.
To lead; to conduct; as, to take a child to church.1
To carry; to convey; to deliver to another; to hand over; as, he took the book to the bindery.1
To remove; to withdraw; to deduct; -- with from; as, to take the breath from one; to take two from four.1
In a somewhat passive sense, to receive; to bear; to endure; to acknowledge; to accept.1
To accept, as something offered; to receive; not to refuse or reject; to admit.1
To receive as something to be eaten or dronk; to partake of; to swallow; as, to take food or wine.1
Not to refuse or balk at; to undertake readily; to clear; as, to take a hedge or fence.1
To bear without ill humor or resentment; to submit to; to tolerate; to endure; as, to take a joke; he will take an affront from no man.1
To admit, as, something presented to the mind; not to dispute; to allow; to accept; to receive in thought; to entertain in opinion; to understand; to interpret; to regard or look upon; to consider; to suppose; as, to take a thing for granted; this I take to be man's motive; to take men for spies.1
To accept the word or offer of; to receive and accept; to bear; to submit to; to enter into agreement with; -- used in general senses; as, to take a form or shape.1
To take hold; to fix upon anything; to have the natural or intended effect; to accomplish a purpose; as, he was inoculated, but the virus did not take.2
To please; to gain reception; to succeed.2
To move or direct the course; to resort; to betake one's self; to proceed; to go; -- usually with to; as, the fox, being hard pressed, took to the hedge.2
To admit of being pictured, as in a photograph; as, his face does not take well.2
That which is taken; especially, the quantity of fish captured at one haul or catch.2
The quantity or copy given to a compositor at one time


return, issue, takings, proceeds, yield, payoff, income generic term noun, filming generic term, cinematography generic term, motion-picture photography generic term verb, act generic term, move generic term verb, occupy, use up, use generic term, expend generic term verb, lead, direct, conduct, guide verb, get hold of, take in related term, take on related term, take up related term, take away related term, take in related term, take apart related term verb, assume, acquire, adopt, take on, change generic term verb, read, interpret generic term, construe generic term, see generic term verb, bring, convey, transport generic term, carry generic term, bring forward related term, bring down related term, bring down related term, bring up related term, bring on related term, bring out related term verb, take out related term, take back related term, take in related term, give antonym verb, necessitate, ask, postulate, need, require, involve, call for, demand, obviate antonym verb, choose, select, pick out, decide generic term, make up one's mind generic term, determine generic term verb, use generic term, utilize generic term, utilise generic term, apply generic term, employ generic term verb, accept, have, get generic term, acquire generic term, take over related term, take over related term, take up related term, take in related term, refuse antonym verb, fill, work generic term, do work generic term verb, consider, deal, look at, think about generic term verb, experience generic term, receive generic term, have generic term, get generic term, undergo generic term verb, film, shoot, record generic term, enter generic term, put down generic term verb, remove, take away, withdraw, take off related term verb, consume, ingest, take in, have, take up related term, abstain antonym verb, undergo, submit, digest generic term, endure generic term, stick out generic term, stomach generic term, bear generic term, stand generic term, tolerate generic term, support generic term, brook generic term, abide generic term, suffer generic term, put up generic term verb, accept verb, assume, strike, take up, move generic term verb, accept, admit, take on, accept generic term, take generic term, have generic term verb, receive generic term, get generic term, find generic term, obtain generic term, incur generic term verb, learn, study, read verb, claim, exact, necessitate generic term, ask generic term, postulate generic term, need generic term, require generic term, take generic term, involve generic term, call for generic term, demand generic term verb, make, head generic term verb, aim, train, take aim, direct, position generic term verb, become generic term, go generic term, get generic term verb, carry, pack, have generic term, feature generic term verb, lease, rent, hire, charter, engage, get generic term, acquire generic term verb, subscribe, subscribe to, buy generic term, purchase generic term verb, buy generic term, purchase generic term, take out related term verb, have, roll in the hay generic term, love generic term, make out generic term, make love generic term, sleep with generic term, get laid generic term, have sex generic term, know generic term, do it generic term, be intimate generic term, have intercourse generic term, have it away generic term, have it off generic term, screw generic term, fuck generic term, jazz generic term, eff generic term, hump generic term, lie with generic term, bed generic term, have a go at it generic term, bang generic term, get it on generic term, bonk generic term verb, claim, affirm generic term, verify generic term, assert generic term, avow generic term, aver generic term, swan generic term, swear generic term, disclaim antonym verb, accept, be generic term verb, contain, hold, be generic term verb, drive, traverse generic term, track generic term, cover generic term, cross generic term, pass over generic term, get over generic term, get across generic term, cut through generic term, cut across generic term verb, win generic term verb, contract, get, sicken generic term, come down generic term

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tackey, takahe, tace, tack, taka, task, teak, thak, tike, toke.